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Pink Cat's Meow Cotton Scrunchie

Pink Cat's Meow Cotton Scrunchie


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Scrunchies are a perfect accessory to add a little umph to your everyday look! Perfect for gifting to your friends and loved ones, wearing on your own wrist, pony tail, and hair buns. Scrunchies are also great for keeping your hair in place and during your self-care practices.

Each scrunchie is made out of 100% cotton fabric, thread, and elastic. The scrunchie should stretch wide enough to allow scrunchie to wrap around 2-3 times around hair depending on hair thickness. Exact fabric design may vary.

Every item is made in a pet friendly home.

Sizing:   Regular     or     Large

Regular scrunchies are approximately 3.5 inches wide.

Large scrunchies are approximately 5 inches wide.

Care Instructions:
Hand wash and air dry is recommended. Using the dryer may melt the elastic.

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